Let’s face it. Who has the time or budget for expensive travel to meet with clients?


With On-demand Conferencing you can be available to your clients, both near and far, on your schedule or on a moments notice. Now you can stop worrying about long airline check-in lines, delayed flights and travel that is slowed by poor weather. On-demand Conferencing is the perfect voice conferencing solution that allows you to place greater emphasis on satisfying client needs and less time trying to figure out how to reduce your travel expenses.


On-demand Conferencing is an easy-to-use voice and web interface service that can enhance your business productivity.


Fast, efficient On-Demand Conferencing provides your business a low-cost, complete solution capable of hosting up to 500 attendees with no reservations required and no time limits imposed. Simply dial the number of your virtual conference and enter your identification code. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve entered your virtual conference room, easy-to-follow audio prompts and a suite of user friendly features allow you to take complete control of your conference. Use the Moderator Web Interface for even greater functionality and control of features including:


Conference Recording

Record your conversations for future review and transcriptions. Simply initiate audio recording through your phone or moderator web interface. At the end of the conference call your recording will be available in .wav audio format for download through the moderator web interface. Audio file may be easily archived or available to distribute to others via email.



Mute participants as the conversation or topic requires. You can also enable individual participants to mute themselves to minimize line static or background noise.

Lock and Roll Call Conference Attendees

For enhanced security, and to prevent interruptions, you may take a participant roll call and even lock your virtual conference room once all participants are present.


Perfectly priced to fit your business budget.

Designed to satisfy all business sizes and call conference needs, no matter whether you conduct just a few or frequent conference calls every month.


  • 4-Hours Digital Record Time

    • 240-Minutes Digital Storage

    • Additional Storage Available

  • Private, Online Moderator Dashboard

  • On-The-Fly Conferencing

    • No Scheduling Required

  • Customizable On-Hold Music / Message

Incredible Value!


  • No Recurring Monthly Fee

  • No Inbound Toll Charges*

  • One-Time $5.00 Account Set-Up Fee

Moderator Account

*Additional moderator account set-up fee is $5.00 per moderator. Additional recording storage time may be purchased in 4-hour blocks. Each additional 4-hour block is $4.95 per month. Toll charges for conference participants will be billed by their respective toll carriers/providers.

Contact your local customer service center to learn more about the many benefits of subscribing to On-demand Conferencing Services.

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