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Getting Started – Gathering Basic Information



Before beginning the setup of your email client, there is basic information you should have at-hand in order to complete the setup more easily. Click > HERE < for detailed account setup information found in the Account Information Sheet. If you need additional information to compete setup, please contact us for details.



Email Setup for Google Android


To set up your email account on your Google Android device, follow these steps:


  • Touch Menu > Settings > Add Account

  • In the Account setup screen, type your full email address and password

  • If you're adding an additional email address, you can also check the option to use the new account for outgoing messages by default.

  • Touch Next -or- To configure more account details that the wizard can't configure for you, touch Manual setup.

  • If you touch Next, Email attempts to communicate with your email service provider to validate your account using just your email address and password. This is sufficient for most email services.

  • Depending on the service provider, you may be asked what kind of email account you have. You should select “POP”

  • If the wizard determines that your service provider requires additional information, or if you touched Manual setup, you’re prompted to enter your email account details. You will need the below account creation information to proceed.

  • You will need the following general  information to set up the Authenticated SMTP service in your email client:

    • Incoming POP E-Mail Server Name:

    • Incoming POP E-Mail Server Port: 110

    • Outgoing SMTP E-Mail Server Name:

    • Outgoing SMTP E-Mail Server Port: 587

    • Login or Username: (You must use your full email address. No aliases will be accepted.)

    • Password: Use the password you were assigned or chose when you subscribed to jamadots internet.

    • Email Address:

  • When you're finished entering the requested information, Touch Done.

  • Type a Name for the account

  • Touch Done


After completing these steps Google Android mail starts downloading your email messages and you should be able to send and receive email via this account.



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Additional Email Client Setup Instructions


The steps to setup your email client will vary depending on which one you choose. For your convenience, links to instructions for the most popular email clients are included below. Please click on your email client choice to jump to the specific instructions.

Additional Email Setup Information:


Instructions for setting up email accounts vary by manufacturer, application and email service provider, but links to more instructions for the most common smartphones are provided below.