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Getting Started – Gathering Basic Information



Before beginning the setup of your email client, there is basic information you should have at-hand in order to complete the setup more easily. Click > HERE < for detailed account setup information found in the Account Information Sheet. If you need additional information to compete setup, please contact us for details.



Email Setup for Mozilla Thunderbird


To set up your email account in Mozilla Thunderbird, follow these steps:


  • Select Tools>Account Settings

  • Click the “Account Actions” button, located at the bottom of the screen

  • Select Add Mail Account

  • Click Continue

  • Type in a Display Name for the email account. This is the name that will appear in the 'From:' address of sent messages.

  • Enter your full @jamadots email address in the “Email Address” field

  • Enter Password

  • Click Continue

  • You are now on the server information screen.

  • Select “ POP” as the type of incoming mail server

  • Enter the Incoming Mail Server:

  • Click Next

  • Enter the Outgoing Mail Server:

  • Click Next

  • You are now on the usernames screen. Enter your full email address in both the Incoming and Outgoing Username fields.

  • Click Next

  • You are now on the account names screen. Enter a name for your email account in the open field asking you to enter an account name. You can name your email account anything you choose. This how your email account will be identified for account settings inside the Thunderbird email client.

  • Click Next

  • You will now see the Congratulations Screen. Review the information that has been entered is correct.

  • Click “back” to make any necessary changes.

  • If the account settings are correct, Click Finish to save the settings and exit the Account Wizard.


After completing these steps you should be able to send and receive email via this account.



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Additional Email Client Setup Instructions


The steps to setup your email client will vary depending on which one you choose. For your convenience, links to instructions for the most popular email clients are included below. Please click on your email client choice to jump to the specific instructions.

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