Local Calling - FAQ's


Below are frequently asked questions and answers about our Local Phone service. For questions not listed on this page, please contact your local customer service center. If there are suggestions for the jamadots.com website, or additional FAQ's you believe should be included on this page, please let us know of your suggestion.

If I call my next door neighbor will that be included in the 2,000 minutes?


No. Calls made within your current local calling area will remain unlimited. Please click on the Phone tab on the top of the page or refer to the local calling guide in your HTC or OCTC/MTC directory.

If I have dial-up internet and I am dialing a number that is outside of my local exchange will it count against my 2,000 minutes-of-use?


Yes, if you are using an internet provider whose "local number" is outside of your local calling area, but within the "906" area code, the minutes will be subject to the 2,000 minute limit.

Will 906 cell phone numbers and pager calls be a local call?


Yes, they will be included in your 2,000 minutes-of-use. However, the cell calls that are local today will remain unlimited.

Will my current long distance carrier pick up my 906 calls after my 2,000 minutes?


No, minutes over 2,000 will be billed at 5¢ per minute by your local telephone company.

Why can we not choose our long distance carrier for minutes used in excess of 2,000 minutes?

Because these are considered local calls (within the 906 area code) versus long distance calls (outside the 906 area code).

What will happen if I use 10-digit dialing (1-906-XXX-XXXX)?


You will receive a recorded message asking you to hang up and redial using 7-digit dialing (XXX-XXXX).

Will my 906 calls be detailed on my bill?


No, they are now considered local calls and will not be itemized. You will only see the total minutes you used.

Is there a way I can receive a reduced rate for my local phone service?


If you meet certain income guidelines, you may qualify for a “Lifeline Telephone Assistance” discount through the Michigan Public Service Commission. These programs make basic local telephone service more affordable for income-eligible families throughoutMichigan. Those who qualify could receive discounts for monthly telephone bills and/or initial installation costs of telephone service. Click on Lifeline Discounted Telephone Service found by clicking on the Telephone Services button or call your local telephone company or Lifeline direct at 1-866-321-2323 for additional information and an application.

Will I now receive a telephone directory with listings for the entire Upper Peninsula?


No, not at this time. However, you will receive a directory for your local service area.

I have an 800 number that my family uses to call me. Are these calls included in my 2,000 minutes?

No, only outgoing calls made from your home are included in the 2,000 minutes.

If I do not use the 2,000 minutes in one month, will the unused minutes carry over to the following month?


No, the unused minutes will not carry forward to the following month.

Can I pool my minutes of use if I have more than one line?

Yes, as long as they are cross-billed (combined on one phone bill).