-Internet Only Alternative

Safety         includes:


  • Jamadots high-speed internet

  • Wireless modem

  • Residential phone line

    • limited local calling

  • 911, 811, 711, 411 calls allowed

  • Includes Federal and State mandated charges​

    • State Lifeline Charge


  • Safety+net Caller ID pak available for an additional fee


SAFETY+net is the jamadots alternative to internet only service. SAFETY+net includes high-speed internet at the speeds that suit your needs and a phone line with limited local calling to the exchanges within your calling area. For those who have other primary phone options, there’s no need to plug-in a phone. However, the added security and convenience of a landline connection is a valuable resource during long power outages or emergency situations when you cannot get a reliable cellular signal.



Communities we serve.

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Some Safety+net customers choose to not connect a landline phone inside their home and this is fine. In the event of an emergency, a dead cell phone battery, or other unfortunate circumstance, they would still have the option of connecting a phone to a connected outlet since we will connect your service to the network interface device (NID), located on the outside of your home, and assign you a phone number at the time of installation. However, here are some points you may want to consider when deciding whether "to connect or not to connect".


Why maintaining a landline phone makes sense.


Considering getting rid of your landline phone service and relying solely on a cell phone for talk coverage in the harsh Upper Peninsula climate? You may want to think again!


In the unfortunate event of an emergency, when seconds matter most, a landline phone may have significant advantages over a cell phone.


  • Fast and efficient.

  • No need to wait for the device to power up.

  • No weak, unreliable signals.

  • No dropped calls.

  • No dead battery.

  • Easier to determine the exact location of a caller dialing 911.

  • Landlines (not the kind you plug into a power outlet) will work even if the power goes out.

  • No overloaded towers.

  • No need to leave a cell phone for the sitter.

*Taxes and fees are extra.  ** Available only in Fiber areas.