Fraud Alert – Scams Targeting Nannies, Babysitters, and Caregivers

November 19, 2015


If you're a caregiver who uses sites like or to find work, beware! Scammers have found a way to con people just like you. Here's how it works: They send you a message saying they'd like to hire you, and then offer to send you money in advance, asking you to send some of it back to them — or they give you a phony reason to send them money. Either way, you end up out of money because the jobs and checks aren't real. Here are some ways to detect these false employers: 

  • Lots of mistakes in their messages including spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors, as well as strange-sounding language. 

  • Changing stories, such as differences from one communication to another as to how many children they have. 

  • Lack of response to questions you might ask about the job.

You can protect yourself by following these tips: 

  • Never give out personal information. If you use one of the services mentioned above, they may request your social security information for a background check, or credit card information to pay for specific services, but they will never request this information via email. 

  • Don't accept money from or send money to anyone you've never met. 

  • Always have an in-person interview, in public, before agreeing to a job.

If you think you're already being scammed, don't panic. Use the "report" function of the service you're using and stop communicating with the other party. Consider reporting the situation to the police. Finally, don't let the situation deter you from finding a great position with someone else.


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