Fake Surveys On Facebook

July 18, 2016


There are many Facebook scams that continue to make the rounds, and the "survey scam" is one of them. Here's how it works: Scammers hook you by getting you to click on a link to something they think you'll want. Typical ruses include celebrity gossip ("Have you seen what Justin Bieber did now — OMG!"), offers for free items ("Win a FREE iPad!"), or nonexistent Facebook features ("See who's looking for you on Facebook!"). 

When you click the link, you're taken to a page requesting that you Like it and write a comment. This way, your Facebook friends will see it, too. Then you're asked to perform various other tasks, such as downloading Facebook applications or completing a survey (hence the name of the scam), which could ask for personal information. It may come as no surprise that what you don't get is access to the promised article, free item, or names of people who have looked you up on Facebook. 

If you accidentally provided personal information, it might be used by scammers for various nefarious schemes. Be sure to check your financial accounts (and utilities like your phone bill) carefully. If you downloaded an application, it could be infected with a virus. Run a virus scan and observe your computer over the next few days for any hints of malfunction. 

If you've fallen prey to this type of scam, take the following precautions as well: 

  1. Remove any posts in your Facebook newsfeed related to the scam.

  2. Remove errant applications from your Facebook account.

  3. Change your Facebook password.

  4. Notify your Facebook friends of the scam.

Of course, the best prevention is avoiding the scam altogether. If you're tempted to click a link with an offer that sounds too good to be true, remember that it probably is, and don't click! (If you really need to find out what's happening with Justin Bieber, there are plenty of other websites for that.) Never give personal information to random sources. Finally, never download files to your computer if you're not sure what they are or who they're from. 

Outsmart the scammers, and stay safe on Facebook!


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Source: Fake Surveys On Facebook


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