Command your home network from the palm of your hand

Command IQ gives you an instant snapshot of your home. 

Through the Command IQ app you can view all connected devices on your network, set up parental controls or a guest network, change your password, and more. Only available on our Fiber-Optic network.  Download the Full Consumers Guide here.

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Experience IQ provides direction for your connection

Easily monitor, prioritize, and filter online traffic in your home with Experience IQ. Managed Wi-Fi from Jamadots can be your ally offering Parental Controls to give your children a safe internet experience and My Priorities allows your most important devices get the bandwidth they need. You set the rules, let Experience IQ enforce them. 

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Protect IQ provides protection for your connection

Protect IQ offers network security for all of your connected devices.  Enjoy online peace of mind while we stop the intruders.  Free with select packages.

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The protection and control you need, at a price you can afford.

Product Price
Command IQ App Free for Fiber-Optic internet subscribers
Experience IQ $5.00/month
Protect IQ $5.00/month*  (*FREE with select packages)

* 500/25 mbps and 500/50 mbps Residential Fiber-Optic packages.  Upgrade today!

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